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CCD informs you on construction, investment and development projects in Canada before they are launched.

The main purpose of our service is for your BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

By subscribing to our services, you can gain access to accurate and privileged information.

Several examples of current projects are illustrated here. The service targets General or Specialized Contractors, Manufacturers, Distributors, Representatives, Architects, Engineers, Consultants or Service providers.

Prospecting Guarantees Success

Effective and sustained prospecting is often neglected by firms. However, in the mid-term, it is often this element that puts a successful and growing department in a class by itself.

Of course, costs related to the development of a prospect with real potential are usually high. If your firm is like most, you pay $400 for each prospection call you make! CCD does the prospecting for you and saves you time and money.

Each day, we publish qualified "leads" that instantly transport you to the arena where all the decisions are made. It provides key contacts to decision-makers that will move these projects ahead.

It is about a hyper-productive tool. In fact, depending on your sector of activity, a big part of your sales and marketing strategy may centre on this precious database.

Cut back in effort, and quickly identify the 20% of the projects that provide you with 80% of your turnover. Only this tool gives you a quick clear view to a professional sale focused on projects for construction, renovations or major supplies. This clarity lets you get ahead of your competitors by design.

We are offering you an essential tool!

Success Through Prospecting


The basis of successful selling

One of the most important keys to your success as a professional salesperson is the ability to prospect. Prospecting is to successful selling what breathing is to living. Prospecting is the life blood, the fiber, and the essence of effective selling. To survive and to excel, the master salesperson prospects continuously – every day, every hour, every minute. Prospecting is the art of finding enough of the right people to see every day. After setting goals for success in selling, prospecting is the single most important skill to perfect.

It makes little difference what you sell: Intangibles like banking services or media advertising, or tangible items like office equipment or industrial supplies – or any other product or service. Your success rests first on your ability to prospect. The larger your pool of prospects, the more qualified buyers you develop, and the higher your closing average. As a result, your possible income is virtually unlimited.

Other selling skills are necessary, but they are all meaningless without prospects. Without people to see, you can no more sell a product than a surgeon without a patient can operate. Outstanding performance is always preceded by outstanding preparation. Prospecting takes time, but it pays top dividends.

Top 50

Below is the list of the most popular projects viewed over the last month (prorated by province):