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CCD online is a day-to-day surveillance tool for construction and investment projects in the industrial and real estate world. From initial stages to final completion of projects, our watchful eye keeps you informed on projects, regardless of the stage they are in at any given moment. Powerful and user-friendly, the CCD online interface provides you with a simple and flexible look at the market. Information is updated as soon as it becomes available. CCD online is a precious tool for your market research.

Projects are available via the interface as they are received, more often than not, while in the planning stages. Our interface provides up to date information on commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-residential and civil projects; whether for construction, modernization or major suppliers. Our database is consulted on a regular basis by architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and distributors of products and services.

Please note that data is available in English only for all provinces, with the exception of the Province of Quebec, where it is available in French.

Updated daily

CCD online is updated every day to include the most recently available information. This real time follow-up provides you with a unique edge; it helps you to monitor the development of each project.

Projects tailored to your needs

Thousands of projects are undertaken in Canada each year in all regions and fields of activity. To simplify the process, CCD online helps you create a personalized profile to receive information pertinent to your company’s field of activities.

User-friendly interface

Our interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. Finding, consulting and filing projects is as easy as using e-mail software such as Outlook ©. Here is a preview of our interface.


When a project is important to you, you can place it in your Favorites. When listed as a Favorite and once your e-mail feature has been activated, you will be notified by email of any updates to the project. For example, when the launch date of a project is changed or when new companies join the project.

Security and confidentiality

CCD online does not share any client information with third parties. You will not receive unsolicited e-mail based on the information you supplied while subscribing to the service (see our Confidentiality Policy).

And more

Available anywhere through the Internet, at any time, our system is 100 % compatible with most popular operating systems and browsers.

All available information pertaining to listed projects is shared with you. Here is a brief overview of the information you will have access to:

  • Project name
  • Stage(planned, tender, under construction, etc.)
  • Category (commercial, industrial, etc.)
  • Subcategory (agriculture, retail, etc. - see details below)
  • Type of work (construction, renovation, etc. - see details below)
  • Type of project (public, private)
  • Trade requirements (mechanical, electricity, etc.)
  • Project title
  • Project summary
  • Deadlines
  • Building specifications (number of storeys, of units, etc.)
  • Project initiators
  • Contractors involved
  • Professionals (architects, engineers, consultants, etc.)
  • Contact names
  • Location
  • Budget
  • Closing date (when for tender)
  • Project start date
  • Project end date
  • SIC code (industrial projects only)
  • Project history

  • And so much more! Our team can easily gather up to 150 different categories of information on any given project...


  • 1A-Agri-Food
  • 1B-Water Treatment
  • 1C-Plating, Repair Shops & Painting
  • 1D-Wood, Glass, Construction Products & Furnitures
  • 1E-Electric & Electronic Components
  • 1F-Industrial & Commercial Equipment
  • 1G-Medical Equipment
  • 1H-Personal & Residential Equipment
  • 1J-Printing Works
  • 1K-Metal Industry
  • 1L-Mines, Drillings & Quarries
  • 1M-Pulp & Paper
  • 1N-Plastics & Rubber
  • 1P-Power Production
  • 1Q-Chemicals & Oil Products
  • 1R-Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • 1S-Recycling & Environment
  • 1T-Textile & Leather
  • 1U-Transportation (automotive, aviation…)
  • 1Z-Others or N/D - Industrial

  • 2-Commercial

  • 2A-Office Buildings & Banks
  • 2B-Call Centers & Computer Development
  • 2C-Retail Trade
  • 2D-Warehouses & Distribution Centres
  • 2E-Hotel & Lodging
  • 2F-Recreation & Entertainment
  • 2G-Catering
  • 2H-Radio & Television Studios
  • 2Z-Others or N/D - Commercial

  • 3-Institutional

  • 3A-Educational
  • 3B-Municipal & Government Buildings
  • 3C-Research Centres
  • 3D-Day Cares
  • 3E-Religious
  • 3F-Health & Social Services
  • 3Z-Others or N/D - Institutional

  • 4-Residential

  • 4A-Condominiums
  • 4B-Residential Development
  • 4C-Multi Housing
  • 4D-Elderly & Specialized Residences
  • 4Z-Others or N/D - Residential

  • 5-Civil

  • 5A-Environmental
  • 5B-Municipal & Government Garages
  • 5C-Infrastructures
  • 5D-Parks & Public places
  • 5E-Bridges & Culverts
  • 5F-Quays
  • 5G-Roads
  • 5H-Waste Disposals
  • 5J-Energy Transportation & Distribution
  • 5K-Public Transport
  • 5Z-Others or N/D - Civil

  • Expansion / Addition
  • Addition to process (Industrial)
  • Space planning / Organization
  • Supply
  • New construction
  • Demolition / Dismantling
  • Maintenance / Shutdown (Industrial)
  • Moving
  • Renovation / Alterations / Modernization
  • Professional Services only

  • CCD online is an interactive software. To facilitate monitoring of projects, the following information can be associated to each project:

  • Representative (who is in charge of the project in your company)
  • Priority
  • Follow-up date
  • Did we bid on the project ? (yes or no)
  • Comments (text)

  • CCD online publishes an impressive number of projects. Only 20% of those are updates; meaning 80% of the publication is comprised of new projects!

    British Columbia : 400 projects per month (4,800 / year)
    Alberta : 400 projects per month (4,800 / year)
    Manitoba-Saskatchewan : 300 projects per month (3,600 / year)
    Ontario : 500 projects per month (6,000 / year)
    Quebec : 500 projects per month (6,000 / year)
    Atlantic Provinces : 300 projects per month (3,600 / year)
    Canada : 2,400 projects per month (28,800 / year)

    A cost / quality ratio not found anywhere else

    Effective and sustained prospecting is often neglected by firms. However, in the mid-term, it is often this element that sets a successful and growing department in a class by itself. Of course, costs related to the development of a prospect with real potential are usually high. If your firm is like most, you pay $300 for each prospect call you make! CCD online does the prospecting for you, saving you time and money. We publish qualified leads that instantly place you in the arena where decisions are made. We provide key contacts to decision-makers who will move these projects ahead.

    In fact, depending on your sector of activity, a large part of your sales and marketing strategy may depend on this precious database. Reduce your workload and rapidly identify the 20% of projects that provide you with 80% of your turnover. Only this tool provides you with such a swift, clear view to a professional sale, focused on construction projects, renovations or major supplies. This clarity allows you to push ahead of your competitors by design. What we are offering you is an essential, high performance tool!


    ** Please take note that these versions are no longer available since 2009. The internet version is now the only one offered by CCD Canada


    Excel or Word documents sent by email

    Prebid @ twice monthly publishes a list of projects in a report. It provides information on commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-residential and civil projects, whether for construction, modernization or major supplies. This report is consulted by a client base of architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers as well as products and services distributors.

    Please take note that Avant-Projet @ covers projects in the province of Quebec, whereas Prebid @ covers the rest of Canada. Avant-Projet @ is available in French only and Prebid @ is available in English only. Nonetheless, the lay-out and the information contained in each version are similar. The next section concerns Prebid @.

    Data for Prebid @ is sent by e-mail twice a month in one of the following formats:

    • Excel : Easy-to-use lay-out; adapted to follow the progress of each project.
    • Word : Projects are presented in newspaper format for easy printing.
    • Customized : In Excel or Word, the projects are selected based on your profile. Many other functions are available.

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